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Kodak Black Cops To Probation Violation In Drug Case, Cut Loose

Source: TMZ


Kodak Black has been sitting in Florida jail for weeks after his arrest for drug possession back in December triggered a probation violation ... but we've now learned the "Super Gremlin" rapper finally got out on Wednesday and will no longer have to deal with supervised release.

According to court docs, Kodak admitted to violating the terms of his supervised release but the judge sentenced the rapper to time served without any further supervised release ... and it sounds like it's all due to Kodak's lawyer really going to bat for his client in his drug possession case.

Ever since the arrest, Kodak's lawyer Bradford Cohen has argued that lab testing proves the substance Kodak was caught with wasn't cocaine, but rather a prescribed medication ... insisting his client was the victim of a false arrest.

Lab tests determined that to be true and Cohen even sent a fiery letter to the Mayor of Plantation, FL, Nick Sortal over it, saying the officer's conduct exposed the city to a federal civil rights claim.

Now that he's a free man, Kodak can attend to bigger family matters ... his girlfriend is expecting his 2nd child soon and she wants him home to help raise the child!!!

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