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Kountry Wayne Fires Back At Critics Of His $200K Monthly Child Support

Source: TMZ


Kountry Wayne not only sees no issue with shelling out six figures a month in child support for his 10 kids, he thinks anyone who partakes in the trickle-down business model are the real suckers in this country!!!

The comedian/rapper hopped on IG Sunday after his recent interview about paying $200,000 each month -- for his 10 kids with 5 different women -- had so many people dumbfounded.

KW explained he actually enjoyed splurging on his children as opposed to spending it on partying and having Uncle Sam collect the bulk of the earnings.

KW is coming off a successful Netflix special and says his business contracts are set up for him to recoup all the money and the child support system isn't pimping him as people assume.

On the other hand, KW says people who allow themselves to get taken advantage of have no reason to even come for his throat!!!

The social PSA will also benefit KW's mounting bills ... he advises people to treat each follower like a potential $1 and calculates he'll make a pretty penny answering to dummies who don't want his kids to live the good life!!!

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