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Lil Baby Takes A Stand In "The Bigger Picture"

Photo Credit: Matthew Geovany

Growing up in the streets of Atlanta, Lil Baby is to familiar with the struggles on both sides of the protest and the riots. Charitable contributions aside, Lil Baby uses his platform to reshape the economic environment of his up bringing. The Bigger Picture features the effects of the communities out lash from the murder of the late George Floyd. The intro news commentator says:

Protests continue amid a growing national outcry over the death of George Floyd (No Justice No Peace in the background), Last Night peaceful protests in Minneapolis escalated as demonstrators clashed with police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets. The main message that they have is that they want to see the officers involved, they want to see those officers arrested. A well-known Atlanta attorney says without the video of what happened, he doesn’t believe any district attorney would have brought any criminal charges against them.

Undoubtedly Lil Baby is taking advantage of his growth within the music industry. Returning to his high school and donating to college funds, his My Turn album is well titled and crafted portrait of his upbringing. Take a listen to the album here and support the single here because all proceeds will be donated to the movement. Watch to the official video below.

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