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Lil Durk Talks Flushing Codeine, Xanax In Rehab, Plans For Chicago Clinics

Source: TMZ


Lil Durk says his rehab stint was very successful, and the best path to changing his outlook on life -- so, now he's eager to do the same for other addicts suffering in his community.

The Chicago rap star got very candid, speaking to a photog in Malibu about his rehab journey, which he says involved ridding his system of codeine and Xanax.

Durk endured a rocky 2023 ... despite releasing a gold-selling album and platinum single with J. Cole, he also spent a week in the hospital, causing him to miss several shows that could've propelled the album even higher.

Because rehab helped him turn his life around, Durk says he wants to build a new treatment facility in Chicago, framed around other things ... but vows his actions will speak louder than anything he says on camera!!

He's also in talks with independent street media in Chicago -- insisting he wants the stories told right, from here on out.

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