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Lil Nas X Ditches The Rodeo & Gets Outta This World In "Panini"


Its time to ditch the giddy up outfit and start getting intergalactic. Lil Nas X has been trying to push the envelope with everything he releases to his fans. Directed by special effects artist, musician, and YouTuber Mike Diva, we are taken on a cosmic journey in the latest visual to Panini.

We are taken to a futuristic world where cars fly and the robot dance move is a way of life. Joined by actress Skai Jackson, Lil Nas creates this environment where popping up in fans lives will win them over. Panini features inspirational samples fro Nirvana's album Nevermind, and can be found on the debut EP 7 .

Take a looking into a Lil Nas X world below.

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