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Lil Yatchy Release "Oprah's Bank Account" Feat. Drake & Da Baby


Lil Yatchy has manage to find a way to support all areas of his fans interpretation of his music. Having stepped into the music industry at a young age. it hard to deny the type of success Yatchy has made. With the collaboration of Director X, we are given comedic insight to the single Oprah's Bank Account. Rolling Stone Magazine said:

This year, through a mixture of time, distance, and restraint, it’s become hard to deny Lil Yachty’s recalibration…Lately, Yachty’s been turning in acrobatic performances

Featured cameos on the track come from hip hop elite artist Drake and NC rising phenomenon Da Baby. While Lil Yatchy character plays Boprah, both express their opinions on some issues facing fans today. The song was produce by super producer EarlOnTheBeat.

Noisey says:

Besides the actual sun, there is no source of joy in the world right now brighter and more sustaining than Lil Yachty. So basically, the moral of the story is: cancel all your plans and stay at home, and instead just understand that the Goodest Night has now been had, by one Lil Boat, Esq. You will never have as good a night as Lil Yachty had…Apologies

As Lil Boat 3 continues in the woodworks it is safe to say Lil Yatchy is on a course for success. Download your copy of the single here. Make sure to take a look at the official video below. Also read what ESQUIRE had to say:

This prodigy is the future of hip hop. He has a fan base ranging from plugged-in teens to global superstars, plus a growing number of people in between…The sheer obvious joy that Yachty takes in making music is one of his best qualities, and its infectiousness is one of the main reasons why people are flocking to him the way they are. It's beautiful to see someone so fully consumed by their passion, and inspiring to see an artist so confidently exploring his form
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