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Lizzo's Carmen Miranda Costume Required Hundreds Of Crystals

Source: TMZ


Lizzo hit the bullseye with her Halloween mission to honor female pioneers in entertainment, and all it took was a colorful impression of "Brazilian Bombshell" Carmen Miranda ... and a whole lot of crystals.

Celebrity designer and "Metal-and-Chain Queen," Laurel DeWitt tells TMZ Hip Hop ... it took her days and HUNDREDS of crystal embellishments to recreate one of Carmen’s iconic headdresses -- the colorful fruit arrangements the Portuguese-born actress popularized in her films throughout the 1930s, '40s and '50s.

Laurel says Lizzo's assortment of berries and florals is actually composed of beaded faux fruit and many colored sequins ... which got pretty heavy when fully assembled, but Lizzo's a showbiz pro and mastered the balancing act.

Stylist power couple Matthew and Reginald Reisman fleshed out the rest of Lizzo's homage to Carmen ... a shimmery gown and floral garnishes that capture the elegance of the Latina icon who broke through with American audiences.

Miranda appeared in dozens of films, and released even more music -- something Lizzo has been looking to mirror within her own award-winning career.

Halloween's still all about the ghouls, and Lizzo didn't forget about that dark side. She also channeled Elvira, Mistress of the Dark at a party last night!!!

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