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Lola Young Gets Emotional In "None For You"

Photo Credit: Joe Perri

With a lot of heartbreaking music out in the world, we see ourselves sharing love with the strangest of characters. Lola Young's music speaks of a romance which has drifted away from a familiar lifestyle. You can say Lola has an old soul for her musical style and its only right she named her upcoming project Renaissance, Set to be release April 28, Lola tease a single entitled None For You. Lola says:

None For You’ is about a relationship where you no longer have time for a person after they did you ‘dirty’. This song is about pain and loss, but also about choosing to love yourself instead of that person and picking your own well-being over theirs. The lyric ‘I gotta whole lot of time on my hands but just none for you’ sums up the concept of this song.

Teaming up with producer Manuka, the long time collaborators have been putting a jazzy back drop of sounds while Lola dances with her words. Learn how to fight with your emotional scars by keeping up with Lola on Instagram and Facebook. Also be sure to catch the official audio below.

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