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Lola Young Unveils Brand New Visual To "Pick Me Up"


Lola Young continues to remain an unforgettable sensation. On a quest for love and under the direction of The Rest, we find Lola feeling distressed in her bedroom during the video for Pick Me Up. Its hard to be let down by the Plus Films melodious combination of instrumental sounds. Lola explains:

Pick Me Up’ is about love and the loss of it. It’s also meant to be a song about having anger towards someone but still wanting them regardless of how much they’ve let you down and not metaphorically picked you back up. The writing process of this was super fun, I wrote to a beat that my friends made (Conor and will/Manuka) and it felt super special. My upcoming EP is based around love and longing and being a young girl living in south London falling in and out of love. It’s a 3-track EP that will hopefully take people on a short but meaningful journey.

You can hear an old school soul coming from Lola and this is only the beginning. As she prepares for here EP Renaissance, which will be released on April 21, media outlets are begining to take notice. Take a look into the dismay of darkened love in the offical video below. Also get your own copy of the single here.

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