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Love,Shaun Releases Irresistible New Single “Good Times”

Written By: Big C


Who's looking for a bad experience? Well to change the pace Scottish producer Love,Shaun unleashes the euphoric brand new single Good Times. This soaring and soulful club anthem combines stripped-down melodies with kinetic percussion, creating a feel-good follow-up to the celebrated Nothing Feels The Same. Love,Shaun's latest track is built around an ingenious sample of Arthur Lee's '70s classic Everybody's Gotta Live, laying out its intentions on the captivating chorus: “Everybody’s gonna have a good time.” The floor-filler ramps up to an explosive crescendo of layered vocals and pulsating strings, offering both a rapturous reminder to live in the moment and a moving love letter to the seminal house tracks of the 1990s. The producer shared on social media:

I’m gonna be dropping the song that kind of started Love,Shaun. I posted a snippet of this on TikTok and it led to me meeting my managers and within a few months signing with Astralwerks and playing my first show at the opening party to Coachella. This track has always been one of my favorites and can’t wait for you to hear the finished version!

Love,Shaun's latest single, "Good Times," is a testament to his evolving sound and artistry. The track also follows the release of The Heat, an uplifting jam featuring a sample of U.K. ragga deejay General Levy. Love,Shaun made his major-label debut with The Rush in November, showcasing his ability to create arrangements that command the listener’s attention. Love,Shaun will be taking the main stage, including performances at several major summer festivals this year. Be sure to follow Love, Shaun on Instagram, SoundCloud, and TikTok. Listen to "Good Times" below and stream here.

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