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Make Some "Bad Decisions" With Cheiq

Written By: Big C


In sultry fashion, Cheiq is ready to showcase her multi-talents. Born in Brooklyn and based out of LA, the brand new debut single Bad Decisions is HOT! Cheiq delivers an immersive experience for her audience, combining her talents as a singer/songwriter with her love of theatrics. Touching on the feeling of being stuck in a relationship with a partner that brings the worst out of you, this song is about the loss of innocence and reaching a breaking point of no return. Cheiq had to say:

I wanted this song to be dark pop and edgy. When we wrote this song, we thought let’s write a song about embracing our bad side. About embracing those creepy, crazy, parts of ourselves that we all push into the darkness. It was super fun writing this.

Hard-hitting 808’s, haunting melodies and an energetic (slightly psychotic) performance from Cheiq, all coming together to create a dark and gritty post-breakup bop. Combining her love for music, the stage and physical theatre, she often leaves fans stunned as she showcases her talents in Fire-Eating, Partner-Acro (lady base), Tissu, Lyra, Hammock and Pole. Stay tuned for more from the RockDafuqOut Records artists and check out the official video below.

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