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Mariah The Scientist Arrested For Brawl In Atlanta Lounge

Source: TMZ


Mariah The Scientist was arrested and booked in Atlanta Wednesday night ... after a woman told cops Mariah laid down a savage beating for no apparent reason

According to a Fulton County police report, obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, a woman named Cleopatra Dues arrived at the Zone 2 precinct on March 29 and told cops she was attacked by Mariah the night before inside the Cavo Kitchen and Cocktail lounge.

Dues claims Mariah grabbed her, ripped a wig off her scalp ... and then proceeded to drag her on the table and floor, leaving injuries to her legs and feet.

She said she eventually left the scene and called 911 and told dispatchers she felt unsafe.

Onlookers captured video of the incident. It's unclear if it's actually Mariah in the footage but Dues says she wants to press charges, and find out if Cavo has any additional surveillance video of the incident.

Staten Island rapper Cleotrapa was initially identified as the alleged victim on social media when the clip began to circulate … but it apparently wasn’t her, just someone with that first name.

Dues says she didn't have on her glasses at the time and didn't get a good look at her attacker, but later ID'd her as Mariah Buckles AKA Mariah The Scientist.

Dues told police she has no idea why she was attacked, and claims she never had any interaction with Mariah or her friends.

Mariah was booked Wednesday on a simple battery charge, and bonded out later in the day.

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