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Metro Boomin Says Hackers Hijacked His Louis Vuitton Order

Source: TMZ


Metro Boomin can't catch a break in this hacking saga ... 'cause now his Tyler, The Creator Louis Vuitton collab order got rerouted last minute to a random address.

In a recent X post, the superproducer dropped a bombshell screenshot from his convo with his high-end goods hookup man -- turns out the guy had just seen Metro's earlier posts about getting hacked, and was worried he'd shipped Metro's order to the hackers.

Metro Boomin replied with a big "Broooooo. Wtfff. No way, please you didn't," and added in the caption: "Now I just found out in real time that all the Tyler LV I ordered just got shipped to the hacker. Going to sleep now."

The address listed by the hacker leads to a wig and hair supply store called Snooty Hair located in Houston, however, it's unclear if they have any involvement in the scamming -- as scammers are notorious for throwing out random addresses to throw folks off the scent.

Remember ... Metro earlier complained about getting flooded with spam calls from Toronto-area numbers, and also ended up losing access to his phone.

A Balenciaga rep was also under the impression he wanted $23K worth of boots and purses for his personal use -- leading him to file a police report in Atlanta.

As for who the hackers are ... MB's pointing fingers at Team OVO, hot on the heels of his new album "We Don't Trust You" -- you know, the one he and Future let Kendrick Lamar rip on Drake!

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