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MGK Has A New Story Tell In "Don't Let Me Go"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Roxx

Sometimes the back and forth drama is our way of hiding confusion and heartbreak. Renowned music sensation MGK transcends the boundaries of musical introspection with his latest release, Don't Let Me Go. Unveiling a profound chapter in his storied career, the enigmatic artist delves into the depths of his soul, laying bare the scars of his tumultuous past and the shadows of a jaded childhood. Directed by the visionary Sam Cahill, this track was crafted as a visceral journey through MGK's poignant narrative. With unflinching honesty, the rockstar peels back the layers of his life, addressing the complexities of his rocky relationship with his family, the struggles of self-medication, and the relentless battles with depression that have shaped his artistic journey. Stream the single here and watch the official video below.

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