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Mike Posner Says He's Going On Spiritual Warpath, Growing Through Life Challenges

Source: TMZ


Mike Posner says he's going through some challenges in life, but he's using the bad times to work on becoming a better person ... telling us he's embarking on a spiritual warpath.

We got the singer at LAX and he told our photog he's a troubled man these days, though he's determined to spin the curveball life's throwing at him into a positive.

Mike says he knows a lot about darkness and waking up feeling like there's no point to life, but the thing is ... he says challenging times are what make folks grow, and growth doesn't happen when it's smooth sailing.

For Mike, many of his accomplishments have been tough ... just listen, he's absolutely convinced he will come out a stronger person once he navigates this storm.

Mike's climbed mountains and walked across the freakin' country ... and he says they were both extremely hard and awful journeys, but they made him learn and grow.

The guy's preaching here ... and he's got a good message.

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