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Move A Little "Closer" To Saweetie Feat. H.E.R.

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit - Pol Kurucz

Pack your bag because it is time to catch a flight! The Icy Gang Queen Saweetie transported a fun loving track entitled Closer. This brand new single takes to the air with playful vocals from H,E,R. This partnership with Warner Records is beginning to have the media anticipating her debut album Pretty B*tch Music. Saweetie delivers lyrics like:

I wanna fall in love for the weekend/Three boyfriends I don’t know where I'm sleeping/We be thuggin’, clubbin’, f*ckin’/Order room service when we done, that's the sequence.

Rumor has it that Saweetie has recruited director Hannah Lux Davis to capture the essence of "Closer." Since her Grammy nomination the fans and the charts have their attention on high alert. Until the release of her debut album, keep up with Saweetie by following her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Stream the single here and listen to the official audio below

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