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Ne-Yo Not Against AI With Copyright & Compensation Laws

Source: TMZ


Ne-Yo has the type of vocals ripe for AI programs to duplicate -- even he knows it's an inevitable reality -- but the R&B superstar is supremely confident computers can't replace the original.

We got Ne-Yo at LAX, where he admitted ... even though he's not a lawmaker, it's clear to him the music industry is going to need some serious policing with the advent of AI tech.

Ne-Yo's not completely against AI but is adamant permission and payment are necessary in all cases, especially with posthumous releases.

Drake had his "Taylor Made Freestyle" Kendrick Lamar diss removed at the behest of Tupac Shakur's estate on account of using AI vocals of the late rap legend.

Ne-Yo says it would have been equally fair game had the family approved the track, but they did not.

Jermaine Dupri has been a vocal opponent as AI gains popularity, recently pointing out how easily fake Jeezy tracks can get made ... and we ask Ne-Yo if he's fearful of hearing hits of himself he never created in real life.

Look, they even have AI beauty pageants now ... so, Ne-Yo seems to have the right attitude about the technology's future impact on music and all facets of society.

But, he's definitely not backing down from the challenge -- as he puts it, "If you're gonna mimic me, do your best ... 'cause I do what I do."

In other words, good luck out-creating the creator!!!

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