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NYC Council Members Encourage Mayor Adams To Revoke Diddy's Key

Source: TMZ


The video showing Diddy's hotel assault of Cassie isn't only fueling public outrage -- high-ranking NYC politicians want him to suffer one immediate consequence ... TMZ has learned.

Leaders in Diddy's hometown are turning on him, with several NYC council members encouraging Mayor Eric Adams to revoke the Bad Boy Records founder's symbolic key to the city.

Council Member Sandy Nurse tells TMZ … "Mayor Adams should immediately revoke Diddy’s key to the city. As an abuser, Diddy lost his right to have such an honor and should be held accountable for his actions. Mayor Adams should set the example and take it away."

Council Member Shaun Abreu expressed a similar sentiment, adding ... "Mayor Adams should snatch back Diddy's key and slam the door behind him. We won't be missing you."

It wouldn't be the first time the Big Apple revoked a prestigious honor to a legendary figure. Council Member Joe Borelli reminded us Thomas Jefferson's statue was taken down for a 250-year-old crime.

He adds ... "So, taking away an honor from a woman beater seems like par for the course."

Fellow Council Member Justin Brannan already has a replacement in mind ... suggesting Nas should get the key -- calling the Queens rapper "the GOAT."

While Mayor Adams presented the key to the city to Diddy just last September, he confirmed over the weekend his office is looking into the process of taking back the honor ... expressing support for Cassie in a recent meeting.

Diddy has been under fire ever since the video from 2016 surfaced Friday on CNN -- showing him beating on his then-girlfriend in an L.A. hotel hallway. Diddy has since apologized for the video, calling it one of the darkest periods in his life.

The troubling footage comes after federal raids on the mogul's Los Angeles and Miami homes as part of an investigation into sex trafficking allegations, which he has denied.

That investigation is ongoing, and we know federal prosecutors have already interviewed several people mentioned in the lawsuits filed against Diddy.

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