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Pi’erre Bourne Asks You To “Be Mine” In His Brand New Music Video

Written By: Jacob Wisda


In the year since his previous album’s release, Pi’erre Bourne has kept busy. With a fifth and final entry in the Life of Pi’erre series on its way, Be Mine is the latest track from his previous studio outing to receive a music video. In it, the sought-after producer and rapper gives new life to an already acclaimed song. The video’s effect-driven, distorted visual style beautifully compliments Pi’erre hazy melodies and psychedelia-tinged synth notes.

When a music video looks as good as it sounds, who needs an excuse to pull up and revisit this gem? Fans of Pi’erre can watch the music video, shot and edited by Marko Visuals, down below. For other videos, updates on future projects, and the chance to connect with Pi’erre online, follow him on: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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