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Ray J Explains How Missing Maybachs Turned Up After Reno Disappearance

Source: TMZ


Ray J's trip to NYC where he's launching his own streaming platform, The Tronix Network, wasn't completely rained out -- he and his team got the good news their missing Maybachs were located back in Nevada, and not long after he vented to us about their mysterious disappearance!!!

Thanks to the gumshoe work of his biz partner, Ray J tells us the Maybachs were discovered in Reno near a chop shop and a casino.

The 6-figure vehicles went ghost on Sunday and Ray suspects the thieves got spooked by them constantly ringing the security alarms, and dumped the cars to get repurposed.

Ray's mood remained the same from when we spoke to him earlier ... he's not spending mental energy on the bandits --they'll get their karma-- but he was happy to be back in the Maybachs.

He says his kids love the GLS backseat space ... it's the perfect family car -- if you have the $200k+ cash to spend!!!

With the Maybachs returned to their rightful owners, Ray now has to contend with Monica (or was it Goonica?) after she sent him a very stern warning for plugging a potential tour with Brandy against her knowledge and consent.

Ray told "The Breakfast Club" he was plotting a tour of them together ... with Monica opening up for his big sis.

If you want that to fly, Ray, ya better check with Monica, first!

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