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Ray J Missing Two Maybach SUVs, Trackers Standing Still In Reno

Source: TMZ


Ray J's car collection is a couple rides light today ... 'cause he apparently he's missing two high-priced automobiles -- and we're told he's not getting a straight answer about their whereabouts.

Sources close to Ray J with direct knowledge tell us ... two of Ray's Maybach SUVs are currently missing after having been put on a enclosed car carrier to New York City Friday night.

We're told the cars were supposed to show up in New York today ... but apparently never did. Instead, our sources say the cars' have been tracked -- and, it seems the trackers are just sitting still in Reno, Nevada.

Sources tell us Ray's reached out to the shipping company in charge of moving the cars ... but they say he's not getting a straight answer on where exactly the Maybachs are right now.

Ray J's got the police involved we're told ... and -- though the cars are currently missing and not stolen as far as anyone knows -- police are investigating the matter.

We're also told Ray J -- who's out in NYC to launch his new original content steaming platform The Tronix Network -- will still be at all of the pre-organized events while figuring out next steps with the cars.

BTW Maybach SUVs ain't cheap -- with some reports saying cars like that can go for upwards of $200k ... so you can imagine Ray J's pretty keen on getting his vehicles back!

They call Reno "The Biggest Little City in the World" ... hopefully, that means police won't have too much trouble tracking down the missing Maybachs.

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