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Raz B Performing B2K Songs On Solo Tour, Reunion Coming For Christmas

Source: TMZ


Raz B isn't waiting for another "Scream" tour to roll around to generate his motion -- the B2K star tells TMZ Hip Hop ... 2024 is his year to shine!!!

We caught up with Raz out in Bev Hills as he was adding a new Rolls-Royce to his fleet, and beaming with confidence about his upcoming world tour.

Raz says he's planning to hit Europe, Asia and Australia in support of his new singles "Whistle At It" and "Drip On Me" ... but also plans on commanding his group's classic material and embodying the lead vocals!!!

Boy bands such as *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys have been showing unified fronts as of late, but the B2K guys remain in a hazy place after years of snubbing one another. And, Omarion's tell-all doc didn't help patch things up either.

Raz admits he does wish he was back with his B2K bros, but does hint at a Christmas collaboration.

Emotions do tend to run on the loving side around the holidays -- for most of us, anyway, but we'll see how Raz and co. are feeling 9 months from now.

We also got clarity on Raz's alarming Spider-Man moment last year when he was on the roof of a hospital where he'd been admitted. He chalks the bizarre moment up to a lethal cocktail mix.

That being said, positivity is Raz's new jam -- he even squashed the "beef" with Ray J!!!

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