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RealRichIzzo Drops Electrifying New Music Video For “Cash App”

Updated: Jul 11

Written By: Big C


Digital currency is on the rise! Detroit-based artist RealRichIzzo has just released a vibrant and energetic music video for his latest single, Cash App. The video perfectly captures RealRichIzzo’s infectious energy and hustler mentality, showcasing his ability to turn any scene into a party. With its catchy beats and dynamic visuals, "Cash App" is set to be the anthem of the summer, cementing RealRichIzzo's reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His rise from small-town Inkster, Michigan, to the music scene highlights his tireless work ethic and determination. Reflecting on his journey, RealRichIzzo shared:

I never had no job, so I was just trying to see how to make ends meet. I wasn’t born to rap. I learned how to rap.

Media outlets have praised his raw and authentic storytelling, with fans resonating with his tracks' depiction of harsh realities and undying loyalties. The music video for "Cash App," directed by Yvette Glasco, features high-energy scenes that bring the song's vibrant spirit to life. RealRichIzzo’s plans for 2024 include more music releases and exciting events, promising a year full of new projects and milestones. Watch the video for "Cash App" below and immerse yourself in RealRichIzzo's electrifying world by following him on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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