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Redefining Pop Stardom Global Influence With KATSEYE

Written By: Big C


In an unprecedented collaboration between HYBE and Geffen Records, KATSEYE emerges as the world's first global girl group crafted through KPOP-inspired methodologies. Comprising six diverse members—Daniela from Atlanta, Lara from Los Angeles, Manon from Zurich, Megan from Honolulu, Sophia from Manila, and Yoonchae from Seoul—KATSEYE embodies a fusion of cultures and talents aimed at reshaping contemporary pop music. Each member brings a unique flavor to the group, promising a fresh and dynamic approach to their upcoming debut EP, set to drop in August. Vogue anticipates KATSEYE to redefine modern pop with their distinctive style and powerful presence, echoing the sentiments of PEOPLE, who describe them as a transformative force in the industry.

The group's formation and intensive development process are meticulously chronicled in the Netflix docuseries Pop Star Academy: KATSEYE, directed by Nadia Hallgren and produced by HYBE, Interscope Films, and Boardwalk Pictures. This series offers unprecedented access into their training regimen and the creative evolution that culminates in their global debut. This alliance not only facilitates their musical development, but also ensures a seamless global rollout! Pre-save their debut single releasing on June 28. Let us know your thoughts on the new logo below and connect with KATSEYE on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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