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Rising Sensation NOBY Releases Audio For "It's Never That Deep"

Written By: Big C


NOBY says his album is on the way! The Motown Records artist debuts his raw and unfiltered single It's Never That Deep. Hailing from Alabama, the rising alt-R&B artist has already amassed a devoted fan base. He has boundary-pushing lyrics and haunting melodies which are two qualities that are very much on display on his latest single. NOBY says:

"It’s Never That Deep" speaks to the contradiction of having high expectations for a lover without being able to fully commit. It encapsulates the realities of an unbalanced love affair that is never fully reciprocated.

Over his self-produced bouncy synths, booming handclaps, and sturdy bassline, NOBY gives himself room to let his vocals shine. Noby shows how effortlessly he can blend heartbreak and humor. It’s a thrilling look at what’s to come from the next R&B breakout. Check out an unusually adult approach to modern love below and stream your copy of the single here. Be sure to follow NOBY on SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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