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Rod Wave Jumps From Railing, Crashes Through Stage Back First

Source: TMZ


Rod Wave is dedicated to his art -- so much so, in fact, that he recreated a perilous leap from a window live onstage for all his fans ... although, it's quite clear they didn't want this.

The rapper was performing in Lincoln, Nebraska Thursday ... and at one point in his sold-out show, he decided to play stuntman right then and there in front of everyone -- climbing on top of a set piece and reenacting something he did in one of his music videos.

Watch ... the dude scales the side of a fake building, going up the fire escape and eventually standing on the rail -- with his back turned to the audience. Guess what happens next!

RW goes crashing toward the ground below ... dropping like a sack of potatoes and eventually tearing through the stage floor itself. Indeed, it's pretty damn dramatic. It stunned the audience -- and even from the crowd, you can hear folks telling him not to do it.

The videos cut out before we can see what happens next -- but, presumably, he's alright ... on account of the fact that he was performing in Minnesota last night and is posting pics on his IG page. All's well that ends well, we suppose -- but damn, this was dangerous.

BTW, this whole fall-from-the-window thing is straight out of his music video for "Come See Me" ... which is the song that was playing when he did this. So, a little life imitating art.

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