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Save A "Loyal" Friend & Watch Young Bombs Latest Track Feat. GiGi


You cant get more adorable than a puppy! Teaming up with Wags & Walks foundations, Young Bombs set out to spark a new vibe in the Los Angeles area. Surrounded by rescues dogs, the duo of Tristan Norton and Martin Kottmeier team up with vocalist Gigi in the visuals for the single Loyal. Standing on the side of the fence which supports our four-legged friends Young Bombs had to say:

We had so much fun on the ‘Loyal’ video shoot! It was so great to be able to combine the three things we love most—music, film, and doggos—into one package and for a cause that really means a lot to us. We are both big dog guys and felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to team up with an organization like Wags & Walks to create exposure for the topic of pet rescue. There are so many furry friends out there that need a home. So, please, adopt, don’t shop!

Get up and fetch your own copy of the single here. You would never know what a difference you could make by adding to your family, so make sure you visit Wags & Walks for more information on how you can support here. Check out the official video below.

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