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Search For A Love "Like This" With Mitch Feat. Ann Marie

Photo Credits: Alex Harper

Occasionally we find ourselves in a romance filled with utter bliss. However, when we see the grass on the other side, our envy and anger grows. During a lecherous night, singers Mitch and Ann Marie find themselves sneaking off from the party in search of a love Like This. The Houston rapper uses his silky voice to steal hearts as he sings confessions of troubled waters. Mitch says:

I wrote the record about a girl I was dealing with at the time. We had recently broke up, and it inspired me to write “Like This”. I used it as an outlet to let her know she would never find another love like this. And speaking on his collaboration with Ann Marie, Mitch I was on tour with Dani Leigh in Chicago last year and my homegirl put me on to Ann Marie. I thought she was talented and had a real genuine appeal about her. And thought she was the perfect fit for the female perspective.

Currently signed under super gangster YG, Mitch's goal is to create a lane for himself within the stars. Mitch plans on giving the fans exactly what they want even if its the darker side of life. Stay connect with Mitch by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you enjoy the official video below then make sure you get your own copy of the single here.

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