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Search For "Heaven On Earth (Light One)" With 2nd Generation Wu Feat. J. Glaze


The kings of Staten Island are back with a new era of pressure! While lyrically vibing to the mellow ocean sounds models smoke to the flow of 2nd Generation Wu, Filmed by Prema777, the record label Tommy Boy releases chill visuals of Heaven On Earth. Featuring a thrusting chorus and verse from J. Glaze the lowkey production backdrop gives an old school vibrations. iNteLL had to say about the video:

With this visual I wanted to go with a more artistic aesthetic to satisfy the inner filmmaker in me. So me and my wife, also President of Intellectual Ent, came up with the concept that heaven on earth can be as simple as having a good time with friends. The video was shot by Prema777 and edited by me and we think it compliments the vibe of the song very well. Special thanks to the cinematic subjects that volunteered their image to bring this short film to life.

The classic instrumental combine the bars and beats together to bring the bombastic inspiration to life. Simultaneously the visual showcase the island lifestyle in a short story experience. Connect with the label here YouTubeSpotifyTwitterFacebook. and Instagram. Watch the official video below.

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