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"Slow" Down & Vibe In Louis The Child’s Irresistible New Summer Anthem Feat. Laszewo & Pluko

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Sammy Rowinski

Louis The Child is back with a bang, delivering a fresh and addictive single, Slow, just in time to heat up your summer playlists. This captivating track features the collaborative talents of rising electronic artists Łaszewo and pluko. Released through Interscope Records, "Slow" is packed with delightful pop hooks and an off-kilter charm, perfect for festivals and summer performances. The track promises to be a highlight at the annual Alter-Ego Festival in Brooklyn on August 17 and their A Day In the Sun series of outdoor shows kicking off in September. Louis The Child revealed about the song's creation stating:

It was just another random night making beats with pluko when we started this one. It's a song about wanting to dive straight into a relationship, about feeling all the right emotions and not wanting to hold back or take things slow.

Pluko shared his excitement, stating:

It was beautiful to see the evolution it took to get to the final released version.

Łaszewo echoed these sentiments, expressing their love for the track and how it embodies a fusion of their sounds. Łaszewo, known for their upbeat and melodic sound, continues to make waves in the electronic-pop scene. Pluko brings his genre-bending, emotionally charged production to the mix, creating an unforgettable listening experience. See them live with tickets on sale now here! Connect with Louis The Child on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, TIKTOK, and YOUTUBE. Watch the official visualizer for "Slow" below and let the summer vibes take over.

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