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Snoop Dogg Says Master P, Martha Stewart Inspired New Ice Cream Venture

Source: TMZ


Snoop Dogg's got some great mentors in Master P and Martha Stewart, and he's crediting both with inspiring his new venture -- Dr. Bombay ice cream brand with hybrid flavors bound to tempt tongues.

Snoop tells us his entrée into frozen desserts spun off from his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT avatar -- Dr. Bombay -- and definitely a strong case of the munchies, based on the big puff of smoke he was blowing during his "TMZ Live" interview!!!

The Doggfather says all the Dr. Bombay flavors are fusions of his favorite sweet bites -- "Syrupy Waffle Sundae Daze," "S'more Vibes" and "Rollin' In The Dough" are just a few of the whimsical concoctions he had a direct hand in creating.

Snoop's super heavy in the food world these days ... he recently announced a cookbook collab with E-40 that'll be on dinner tables by Thanksgiving.

Throughout the years, Snoop says he's learned a great deal from his pals Martha and P -- literally 2 of America's biggest entrepreneurial minds.

Snoop compares P's knowledge to a college education, while Martha was like that real-world experience ya get after graduation ... to put in Doggy Dogg metaphor terms.

BTW, we recently got P promoting his cereal venture with Snoop ... which is still going strong.

As for those Dr. Bombay ice cream flavors -- you'll find them chillin' in Walmart coolers now! The launch is being supported by cultural marketing agency 160over90, a part of the Endeavor network.

We see you, Scoop Dogg!!!

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