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"Spare Who" By SAMBO


SAMBO won't let things sly or his career slip out of his hands. Also known as Chikki Kush, SAMBO is an independent artist on the rise from New Orleans, now presiding in Baton Rouge. By having experiences from two different major cities in Louisiana, you can hear his mixture of different sounds and different cultures within his music. At this stage of his career he's ready to go full throttle to be successful. Under the direction of VigiLanti Visuals, fans are given a brand new video Spare Who.

Throughout his life, he’s been heavily influenced by a variety of down South legends and musicians, such as The Hot Boys, Soulja Slim, Lil Boosie, UGK, Three 6 Mafia, etc... When growing up, SAMBO faced a lot of life changing experiences which led him to turn to music to express himself. Currently working on a bundle of new music and directing visuals, 2020 is gonna be something special. Check out the official video below and stay tuned to SAMBO Premium504 clothing line coming soon!

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