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Step In To The Industry Like "Ricky Ricardo" Say D'So Nyce

Written By: Big C


D'So Nyce, is a Chicago-based artist, who is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry with his smooth and groovy sound. Influenced by old-school hip hop and R&B, Nyce's music is a blend of different genres that creates a refreshing and unique sound. Keeping his creative juices fresh, Nyce is stepping into the industry like Ricky Ricardo. The freeform freestyle revolves around themes such as his life experiences and ordeals, as well as encouraging listeners to never stop working and investing in themselves to get where they want to be. D'So Nyce is only at the beginning of his creative process, collaborations, milestones, and aspirations. Take a listen to the groovy and refreshing styles in the official video below and stream the EP for The Sapphire Tape here. Keep up with D'So Nyce on Instagram and Soundcloud.

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