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Stevie Wonder Says Drake & Kendrick Beef Is Distraction From Real Wars

Source: TMZ


Stevie Wonder isn't entertained by Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef -- all war gets a thumbs down in his book ... including real-world ones, which he says are more important.

The music maestro spoke with TMZ Hip Hop Friday about his thoughts on the feud between Drizzy and K.Dot ... -- and while their respective diss songs may have racked up colossal numbers -- Stevie flat-out calls their battle a distraction to real problems going on right now.

Specifically, SW points to actual wars that are unfolding around the globe -- and while he doesn't pinpoint a specific one ... it seems pretty clear he's referring to Israel-Gaza.

Of course, he may also be referring to the conflict in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and Russia -- which is still raging on.

Stevie tells us he thinks people should be more invested in these issues -- among others, like homelessness in the country. We asked Stevie if this was detrimental to hip hop culture ... but it sounds like he thinks it's not good for anybody -- and that there's bigger fish to fry.

Israel - Gaza

We also asked SW if he had a message to Kendrick and Drake specifically, and he does ... it's a straightforward message of peace.

It sounds like the dust is settling on the beef ... and Stevie clearly hopes it stays that way.

Russia - Ukraine

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