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Sugarhill Ddot Not Here For Hip Hop Heroes Beefing, Shoots Shot At Rubi Rose

Source: TMZ


Breakout New York City rapper Sugarhill Ddot has collected millions of streams for his music at just 16 years old but the hip hop landscape is changing ... all the top guys are beefing!!!

Ddot tells TMZ Hip Hop seeing Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar vs. Rick Ross, etc. isn't the game he thought he signed up for ... their antics taught him to avoid that route when it comes to his generation.

He's one of the handful of youngins revamping the NYC Drill sound for a new era, carrying on the tradition started by Sugarhill Gang's iconic record "Rapper's Delight" decades before he was born.

Drake and Kendrick's beef is cooking itself so we also gave Ddot the floor to shoot his shot ... and he fired two guns 'ablazin' in Rubi Rose's direction!!!

He's still a couple years out before Rubi can legally entertain the inquiry ... but he's going for it anyway.

At any rate, Ddot tells us he'd rather see Drake & Co. unified than ripping each other apart on the 'Gram.

Hip Hop got Ddot off the streets ... he wants to keep it that way.

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