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Suge Knight Reacts From Prison To Diddy Raids, 'You're in Danger'

Source: TMZ


Suge Knight isn't above kicking a man when he's down, especially when the man is Diddy ... because he has an ominous reaction to the federal raids on the Bad Boy mogul's homes.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained this new commentary from Suge -- we're told it's an outtake from his "Collect Call" podcast with Dave Mays -- and the Death Row founder is clearly convinced his longtime rival is destined for a prison ... just like him.

Suge says his thoughts and prayers are with Diddy’s kids ... particularly Justin and King Combs, who were detained in handcuffs -- but not arrested -- in L.A. while feds conducted the raid.

Suge says the allegations against Diddy -- made in several civil lawsuits -- are ugly stains for hip hop and Black culture, and suggests he turn himself in to the authorities.

It's important to note, Diddy has not been arrested or charged with any crimes, but Suge obviously thinks he knows how this is all going to play out, now that the U.S. Attorney's Office is on the case.

The audio is Suge's only official comment on Diddy's drama -- his X account is still being hacked with fake posts at the moment.

He goes more into detail about his issues with Diddy, as well as Jermaine Dupri, on his most recent podcast episode.

Suge's friend Big Jake was infamously killed in 1995 outside an Atlanta party, and he's been beefing with JD and Puffy -- as Suge still refers to him -- ever since. And, of course, there's the old East Coast vs. West Coast rap wars.

As TMZ first reported, Diddy's team sees the whole federal investigation as a full-blown witch hunt -- but Suge thinks it's time he prepares for the worst ... a federal trial, conviction and prison sentence.

In the audio, he warns Diddy to avoid using his newest nickname, "Brother Love," when he's eventually doing time ... because, as he put it, prison isn't the proper setting for such a title.

Keep in mind, Suge's serving out a 28-year sentence for manslaughter in a California State Prison. As they say, misery loves company -- so, no great surprise he's celebrating Diddy's legal woes.

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