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Sweetheart Loren Gray Unveils Visuals For "Cake"


Set to be a heart stopper, Loren Gray hasn't been keen on being tied down. The rising pop sensation is gaining attention in all areas and her life is sort of becoming a parade. While entertaining an afternoon of deserts, her and her friends trade recipes and glam over web cam in the latest visual Cake, Loren exclaimed:

Imma Bake A Cake And Eat The Whole Damn Thing, Taste Way Better When I Don't Care What You Think

The fans love her edgy style and her charming devotion and its proven to be a great deal of notoriety for Snapchat and TikTok fans. Be sure to follow Loren on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, because she is growing into fashionista by teaming up with like Betsey Johnson and Forever 21. Download your copy of the single here and watch the official video below.

, Loren exclaims:

#LorenGray #BetseyJohnson # Forever21 #TikTok #Snapchat #Facebook #Instagram #Youtube

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