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T-Pain Involved In Hit-and-Run, Warns Culprit He’ll Find Them: ‘Life’s About To Get So Much Worse’

Source: Complex

Written By: Joe Price


T-Pain has issued a stern warning to the person who crashed into his car and drove off.

In a post shared on his Instagram on Sunday, April 21, the singer and rapper showcased the aftermath of a hit-and-run as he made his way home from the airport.

"Look man, I know n***as out here struggling and all that," he opened the video. "Times is rough these days, but whoever just fuckin’ ran into the back of my goddamn truck, whoever just fucking hit me, my wife, my road manager… whoever just did that shit and drove the fuck off? My n***a. Life’s about to get so much worse."

Thankfully he was uninjured and he laughed off the situation. "First of all, n***a... you left the whole goddamn front of your truck, so we know what we're looking for now," he continued. "You left your fuckin’ baby toy. So, now we know you got kids. ... Look, I know times is hard. And I know things is rough out there. But I tell you what: shit is going too great for me to not make me want revenge right now. 'Cause you drove the fuck off, and boy, that was the worst part. It wasn't even the wreck."

As for the condition of everyone else involved, he suggested his driver needed to go to the hospital for injuries. "I don't know if you was drunk, I don't know if you ain't paid your insurance, I don't know what's going on in your life," he said.

In the comments, he joked, "Ppl that are saying my neck and back gonna hurt tomorrow are really underestimating how much my neck and back was already hurting from just being old 😂."

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