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Tap Into The Divine Mind Of Mereki In "Wasted Love"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Brian Daly

People find love in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. With each release Mereki aims to bring a new mystic and chic style to fans. Coming off the recent release of her transcendent debut album Death Of A Cloud, the project is filled with grief, love, light, and everything in between. Today, arrives the brand new official video for Wasted Love. As media outlets are picking up on the project. Mereki is embracing the ideas and illusions of a fairytale and reality. Mereki had to say:

I wrote ‘Wasted Love’ when I was going through a breakup, and everything felt meaningless. When I listen now, I can connect the feelings in this song to different difficult moments in my life. And with hindsight, I can see that every challenge has created the necessary portal to deliver me to where I am now. I've learned that instead of resisting, if I can embrace every experience as it is, then most things are less painful. I believe that being human and feeling the entire spectrum of emotions is a privilege. I also have faith that the Universe has a plan and it's best to run with that.

The Danny Sangra directed cut is simple with executing Mereki version of purposeful pop. Created over seven years and three continents, in collaboration with a roster of the artists the album is amplify the feeling of living life on cloud nine. The album is a look into the joy and difficulty of self-realization and finding the universe within, expressing this journey through music. Be sure to keep up with Mereki on Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Apple Music. Let us know your thoughts on the song below.

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