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Tate McRae & Vevo Unveil Captivating Short Film "Think Later"

Written By: Big C


Step into the mesmerizing world of pop sensation Tate McRae as she collaborates with Vevo to release her latest short film, Think Later As part of the Extended Play series, this enchanting film showcases Tate's spellbinding performances of hit tracks including Exes, We're Not Alike, and Hurt My Feelings. Delve into Tate's world as she shares insights about confidence, her songwriting process, and her interpretation of girl code, offering viewers a glimpse into her artistic journey and personal philosophy. Expressing her gratitude for the collaboration, Tate McRae remarks:

I am so honored to have collaborated with Vevo on this project. A big thank you to Liz Hart, whose vision guided us throughout the special day!

Vevo's Extended Play series offers a unique platform for artists to showcase their talent in intimate and visually captivating settings. Tate's performances, shot in Los Angeles using a blend of 16mm film and hi8, exude a timeless quality, with influences ranging from film noir aesthetics to liminal spaces. "Think Later" serves as a snapshot of Tate McRae in the present moment, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her world. Experience Tate McRae's mesmerizing performances and insightful interview in "Think Later" by watching the short film below. Keep Up with Tate McRae on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, X, TikTok, and Facebook.

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