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TELYKast Links With One True God For Daylight

Photo Credit: Marcello Ambriz

Get use to the new trio on the scene Kyle Tonoli, Trevor Klaiman, Linus Altman-Kurosaki. Together they combine to make the group TELYKast. This electric group teamed up with One True God for a new dance single entitled Daylight. If you ever had a night of epic proportions then this track will put you in the right mood. The chanting lyrics are:

She only loves me in the moonlight. She always leaves me in the daylight.

Currently in Los Angels, this new group is getting ready to change the hearts around the world. Getting fans on the dancefloor is TELYKast number one goal. TELYKast is set to to take over 2020 so be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter , Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Listen to the official audio below and download the single here.

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