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The New Video "Projector" Is Off EDEN Upcoming Album 'No Future'


Lets introduce you to Jonathon Ng, also know as Dublin bred artist EDEN. Whats bringing fans joy is EDEN graceful vocal work channeling a heavy-hearted surrender. With an upcoming project No Future in the woodworks we are given visual insight to the single Projector. EDEN says:

Projector’ is about appreciating all the ebbs and flows and accepting how things really are instead of wishing they were some other way. It started out as a very no-man’s-land kind of song, and then the lyrics ended up reflecting the concept of the death of the universe into a very personal space: this idea that no matter what’s going on in your life right now, everything eventually runs its course

The dreamlike textures and heady drum-machine rhythms where produce in EDEN home studio for this latest track. However Zhang and Knight directors took EDEN to Bulgaria, alongside a group of painters to create an environment which are extremely bright and colorful but also very sad and evocative. Media outlets are saying:

V Magazine: Both [EDEN’s] music and his persona seem reflective of his overall goal— to make something grand and magical out of something that seems much smaller… Given the captivating and utterly intriguing output he’s given us so far, the task should be easily doable 
L’Officiel: EDEN has come a long way from producing music from the bedroom of his childhood home
Ladygunn: EDEN “(walks) the line between stirring beats and subdued lyrics…earnest emotion and ingenuity

Be sure to follow and subscribe to EDEN. Pre-orders for his upcoming project are available here. Make sure you check out the official video below.

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