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The "Voices" Of Armageddon Haunt 12AM & TheHxliday. "After Midnight" EP Out Now!

Written By: Big C


We have come to realize that whether it's Rap, Dance Hall, R&B or Pop, Canada has breed some of the biggest artists in the world. When you're looking for a night of turn up in LA, 12AM has always brought the vibe to capture the scary hours. Enjoying the praises from media outlets for his latest EP After Midnight, rising star 12AM is putting on for his country while offering a good time. Joining him for the darkened shenanigans is TheHxliday for the featured single Voices. 12AM had to say:

This music is what I’ve created throughout my time moving to LA from Canada. It's a new sound and a new lane. All the hardships I've gone through over the last few years, I'm surprised I even got to this point because it was a really long road to get to here. It was something that seemed impossible to put together and have it be released, but it’s coming out now and I’m really proud of it.

Under the direction of Logan Meis, we see the darken emotions which can cloud someone judgement. 12AM feels more at peace with himself by making music for individuals who are struggling with some sort of depression. If you are in need of help or interested in learning more about 12AM, follow him on on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. Take a look inside the mind of 12AM in to official video below and get your copy of the project here.

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