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This Is "Our Planet" Says Chris Webby & Bria Lee


We have to take better care of Our Planet. While many of the ecosystems are burning down and wildlife diminishing year over year, Chris Webby feels its time to do his part by creating awareness to people. With the help blissful melodies during the chorus, Webby features Bria Lee for vocals detailing the commonalities we share as a human race. Webby produces bars like:

We fight wars over oil with millions slaughtered Just imagine when we're killing for water, real talk We polluting everything that we drink and breathe Time to re-prioritize what we think we need.

A lot of credit to this collaboration goes to producers JP On Da Track and Nox Beatz, as well as footage editors Emery Kash and Mike Squires. Also all of the proceeds from this song is set to help two organizations called The Rainforest Trust and Big Life Foundation. Do your part and get the single here and watch the official video below.

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