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Torrei Hart Says Touring With Katt Williams Is No Shade To Kevin Hart

Source: TMZ


Torrei Hart is advising everyone upset she's touring with Katt Williams -- after he took big swipes at her ex-husband Kevin Hart -- to get over their emotions, she's booked and ready to hit the road!!!

TMZ Hip Hop recently caught up with Torrei in Burbank, where she explained she and Katt have a longstanding friendship dating back 20 years ... and he simply picked her to join on his "Dark Matter" Tour because she's "funny as f***!!!"

Katt set off the year with his roasting of Kevin -- and several other Black comics on Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast -- but Torrei says her history with Katt is set in stone, and she isn't involved in their "beef."

Self-assurance aside, Torrei says she feels like it's her time to step into her own spotlight outside Kevin's shadow ... she maintains she's a 15-year comedy vet, climbing through the ranks of the chitlin' circuit and deserves this moment!!!

She intentionally named her own tour "No Hart Feelings," so haters can stay mad!!!

Kevin's not amongst the angry mob -- he's giving his ex a ringing endorsement!!!

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