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Twin Atlantic Takes Their Love Of Music To The World In "Barcelona"


The day to day can break down the average human, Well Twin Atlantic have been understood they can't be invincible. However they can want to share love more than the next person and it's exactly what they did in a brand new track called Barcelona. Frontman Sam McTrusty comments:

This is a love song about being in a film loop - a kaleidoscope of ideas and memories and the first song I've tried to write in a vignette style like this. It’s inspired by the unusual arpeggio mono synth part we fell in love with at the opening of the track. It sounds like a mistake and reminded me of when you would see old movie projector reels glitch and fail. It's romantic and cinematic. It makes fun of love but also puts it up high on a pedestal.

Coming off the upcoming album Power, you can hear an alternative range of vocals and rhythems. Take a look below and leave a comment on your thoughts.

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