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Usher Gets South African Influence From Black Coffee In Brand New Single "LaLaLa"


Rumors has it that R&B sensation Usher has been back in the studio for another album. This time were are going to see different side of SoSo Def collaboration with Jermain Dupri to bring fan Confessions 2. Teaming up with South African DJ and producer Black Coffee, we are teased to the up coming project with a release of the new single LaLaLa. During the The National Global Citizen Festival Usher said:

Out of all of the times that I’ve come, I wanted to do something authentic for this region [South Africa]. And I felt like Nathi, Black Coffee is that

This is a great electronic-dance song that can keep the summer vibe alive. Some might even say this is Ushers comeback since his last project A produced by Zaytoven. Usher sings:

Can we take it all the way now? Can I take you all the way down like this?

Take a listen tot he official audio below

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