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Vanessa Williams Shines Again: "Legs (Keep Dancing): The Remixes EP" Now Available

Written By: Big C


Vanessa Williams, an entertainment icon known for her multifaceted talents in music, film, and television, has made a stunning return to the dance floor with her latest release, Legs (Keep Dancing): The Remixes EP. This project marks her first pop recording in 15 years, debuting at an impressive #3 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Sales chart. Williams' new EP features an array of energetic remixes that showcase her timeless appeal and vibrant musical style, proving once again her enduring influence in the entertainment industry. Media outlets are saying:

The Daily Beast: So infectious that it’s hard to imagine a reality where you’d ever tire of listening to it…a refreshing anthem for sexy women of a certain age—and it’s just the start.
PhotoBook: The living legend is about to set the music world on fire…she’s never been more beautiful, more passionate, more seasoned and more ready to take it all on. But this time, she’s in charge.
Entertainment Tonight: More than 30 years after her first music release, Vanessa Williams remains iconic…proves without a doubt that she hasn't missed a step…absolutely ageless.
EBONY: A triumphant return to the music industry…continues to solidify her status as a true legend.

The remixes on the EP are crafted by the dynamic duo 808 BEACH, consisting of New York club DJ Bill Coleman and London-based collaborator John “J-C” Carr. Known for their work with artists like Lizzo, Sia, and Adam Lambert, they bring their signature high-energy, feel-good style to Williams' empowering anthem. This summer promises to be unforgettable with these remixes lighting up dance floors everywhere. Stay tuned for Vanessa Williams' next single and video release in July, and get ready for her new pop album debut later this year. Watch the official music video below and keep dancing to your own copy here!

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