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Watch This Brand New Rendition Of "Always Be My Baby" By Grammy Award Winning Brasstracks

Photo Credit: Evan Browning

The combine team of Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne create Brasstracks. While studying jazz at NYC's Manhattan School of Music together, the duo quickly meshed and the rise to stardom spread online. Today the Grammy award winning collaboration has brought Brasstracks into a festive mood during the brand new rendition of Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. Brasstracks goes on to say:

Always Be My Baby’ is one of our very favorite timeless Mariah tunes, If you asked us to do a cover of this one with a singer, we’d say absolutely not- but Mariah’s vocal runs and the harmony of the tune lent itself so perfectly to what we do, we just had to do a horn cover. On top of that, the minute November hits, you can’t walk anywhere in NYC without hearing Mariah in stores, on the streets, in taxi cabs... I guess we just couldn’t help ourselves. Maybe we’ll get to hear this version in the back of a yellow cab on some winter NYC day.

Watch the live recording below. Also be sure to get your copy of Late Night Feelings available on most streaming platforms today!

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