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Will Swinton Releases Heart-Wrenching New Single "Letting Me Down" With Mesmerizing Visuals

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Alex Figs

Emerging from Auckland, New Zealand, singer-songwriter Will Swinton has unveiled his latest single and music video, Letting Me Down. Known for his emotionally charged lyrics and powerful vocals, Swinton continues to cement his place as an artist to watch in 2024. This new track delves into the pain of unrequited love, showcasing his ability to convey deep, raw emotions through his music. With starkly emotional vocals set against a backdrop of loose acoustic guitar, Swinton’s poignant storytelling shines through, capturing the essence of heartbreak and longing. Reflecting on the song, Will Swinton shared:

Letting me down is a song about loving someone that doesn't love you back.

This sentiment is vividly brought to life in the accompanying music video, which portrays a solitary evening in the artist’s life, amplifying the themes of loneliness and yearning. Collaborating with producer Rory Noble, Swinton's work on this track exemplifies his evolving sound and artistic maturity. The success of his previous releases, including the debut EP Better Days and hit single Daydream, has garnered widespread acclaim and millions of streams. Swinton’s relentless touring, including performances at SXSW, The Great Escape, and supporting Dermot Kennedy, showcases his dynamic stage presence and growing fanbase. Experience the emotional depth of Will Swinton’s latest single "Letting Me Down" and watch the official music video below. Keep up with Will Swinton on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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